Safety House WA Inc. Management Committee

The Management Committee is made up of ten people elected by the Association Membership at the Annual General Meeting.  There are four elected Officers of the Association and six elected Committee Members.  Each Management Committee Member is elected for a two year term and each year the posts of two elected Officers of the Association and three elected Committee Members are declared vacant and nominations are called for to be decided in elections at the Annual General Meetin

Management Committee elected by the Membership at the last AGM

Carol Chapman – Elected Association President and Committee Member

Amandah-Kayte Lead – Elected Association Vice President and Committee Member

Donna Jackson – Elected Honorary Treasurer and Committee Member

Jan Semple- Elected Honorary Secretary and Committee Member

Bill Carruthers – Elected Committee Member

Jenn Sampson – Elected Committee Member

Julie Welch – Elected Committee Member

Julie Angwin – Elected Committee Member

Michael Clarke – Elected Committee Member and Chief Executive Officer

Teresa Carruthers – Elected Committee Member

Honorary Patron of the Safety House Association of Western Australia Inc.

Mrs. Ruth Reid – Honorary Patron of the Association

Life Members of the Safety House Association of Western Australia Inc.

Ms. Barbara Burns – Life Member

Ms. Jenny Watson – Life Member

Mr. Paul Fildes – Life Member

Mr. Stuart Clarke – Life Member